Monday, April 19, 2010

Pre-Lube to TXIH 2010

PMS and I left work on Thursday and made it to my house to see all of the out-of-towners. Net showed me his “special 40 glove” that he and Raisin had made after I yelled at him (I don’t remember it this way) for breaking a 40 during the Brass Monkey Inaugural weekend. Many people broke 40’s that weekend since I do have tile floors!

After receiving a great present from the Kimchi (Brass Monkey Sweatshirt) we loaded into Spork’s truck to the Pre-Lube beginning at the 19th Hole. Everyone who signed up got a spray bottle and monkey hat/monkey glasses. We were asked by the bar owner to stop spraying on the tile floor because people were slipping everywhere. McPisser bought some Lone Stars and the drinking commenced. HARE away.

The next stop was the liquor store. Cum-puss and I got some Pear Vodka.

We followed trail until we reached the next stop which was Rico’s Grill. After driving out everyone who was eating in the bar, we took Tequila shots and had some more beer.

Next stop was Rookies. Nachaeux was there with beads for everyone! We played quarters for a bit before heading out to Martini’s. On the way to Martini’s we passed a Laundromat and decided to stuff Spork into a washer.

Barney’s was the next stop where some Journey was sung. Triple D and some others stole letters from the marquee…they are still at my house.

The final stop on the pub crawl was BT’s where we had a circle led by McPisser. Church Lady was tackled to the ground by Net, but managed to not get hurt! As soon as fried food was delivered to Spork and Cum-puss, people began to drift away from the circle and started to chow down on fried goodness. McPisser said that a good GM knows when to call it quits! Net passed out and Name My Vagina and I decided he needed to eat so we force fed him tuna melt sandwich and tater tots. I am pretty sure he tried to eat her fingers too.

Spork drove us all home and the rest is in a drunken haze. On on to TXIH 2010!!

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ESPN said...

I know I left out a lot. Like Bob getting left behind in each bar and me going back to make sure he stayed with us. Or attempting to sing Lean On Me at Martini's...such bad singing. Or Bob and Spork scaring the young couple on a date at Rico's. Or the poor family in the booth behind us. Bob spewing in the parking lot. McPisser and Net curling up on the couch together...sharing a pillow. etc etc etc